Custom designs

Create it! With Wash With Sweets


Design your very own Soap!

I have created a simple template for those of y’all that love to draw or simply send in an inspiration.

There will be a copy of this template available on Facebook here.

Or email to receive a copy.

Just print it off and send it to


Wash With Sweets 

24 Carroll Street 

Wairoa 4108

Hawkes Bay

New Zealand



Create it and Buy it!

If you’d love to design a custom soap and buy it you can use the same template, or a more detailed form can be provided with lists of options for you to tick off and choose between.

Feel free to email



Soaps will be made and arrive approximately on the following timeline.

Please allow time for public holidays which may occur and delay any stage of the process.


3 days

We will take our time to communicate and design a special soap.

You will then receive a quote for how much your soap design will be.


3 days

Once you are happy with the design and I have a clear understanding of what you’d like, you the customer will pay Wash With Sweets a 50% non refundable deposit to confirm that you’d definitely like to order the soap/s.


3 days

I (Jessica) will make your gorgeous soap/s and if you’d like I will send you a picture.


4 weeks minimum

Cure time can alter greatly due to oils chosen.

My standard recipe takes a minimum of 4 weeks.

100% Olive Oil is a minimum of 6 months but for best results needs to cure for 12 months.

Please message Jessica for a more accurate estimate of the oils you have chosen a cure time.


3 days

This may take less time depending on what type of packaging your order requires.


1-4 days

We aim to have your package to you as soon as possible but please allow time for your goodies to arrive safely!