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Self Care

Who has time for self care these days?? Between our careers, children, keeping house, keeping in touch with family, side hustles, mortgages….. the list goes on and on.   

Exhaustion, busyness, burnout and pushing ourselves to breaking point are common place these days.  Sound familiar?? 



Self care has the power to bring health and happiness into our lives.  Health and happiness for ourselves and our families.  We just have to make the time for it….

But we don’t, and I am here to change your mind about the importance of self care..


We spend our days justifying our busyness, stress, exhaustion etc. as the way in which we are providing for our family, so our kids can have this and do this and be this…..  but in truth our kids learn from us and how we do life.  We are teaching them to put their needs at the bottom of the list, to work work work until they are at breaking, to do everything for everyone else… 

It comes from a place of absolute love and passion but if we can’t look after ourselves, how can we show them how to do it?  We are their biggest teachers, how we do life is their biggest lesson.  So, if we want them to build a healthy, happy, full life of love and following dreams, we need to show them how to take care of themselves.  And it starts with taking care of yourself…….


Now I can hear the excuses coming at me already.. and yes it is a very busy stage of life, no question.  I am not suggesting you give up your career or stop running the kids around to after school sports.  I get that there are things we need to do.  What I am suggesting is taking a look at everything you do and make some time for yourself.  Check in with your priorities list and put yourself somewhere closer to the top.  


There are so many things you could do for self care, massages, spa days, Netflix and chill, green smoothies, walks on the beach, facials, drinks with friends.  But the main point of self care is to find space and time where you can slow down long enough to recognise what it is you need.  Self Care is about looking after ourselves and our bodies with whatever they most need for long term health and happiness. 

So grab your favourite soap run a big deep bath and spend some time soaking into how you feel and what your next act of self care will be.


Then let us know what you’re going to do….



And make sure you join the group for notifications about where and when the next GG self care Sunday session will be happening. 





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