Oslers Bakery to Sweet Soapery!

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Osler’s History

This week I’ve been looking into the history of my building and found that it is deep rooted into the Wairoa history of Osler’s Bakeries!

On my first visit to the museum I didn’t ask for any information, I just went and viewed the cabinet display reading that Osler’s began on Apatu street and went to Marine Parade. So assumed my building might have been a different family member and didn’t look any further.

 Upon discussion with local visitors I was told about how the area my building is in gets called north clyde and that my building was definitely part of Osler’s history.

Visiting the Museum a second time I found a wonderful woman (apologies I didn’t get her name) that showed me this old picture of north Clyde(listed below).

The image above is North Clyde before the 1931 7.8 earthquake showing the original bridge and the original brick Osler’s on the left. Below is an image of the interior also before the earthquake.


Following the earthquake the North Clyde Shop was rebuilt with cement and an art deco facade.


For more Osler’s History please visit 

Wairoa Museum 

142 Marine Parade , Wairoa

+64 6 838 3108



Back to the renovations..

The exterior has within-arm-reach had at least one coat of paint but has been put on hold so I can focus on the interior.

As the building isn’t connected to power we cut all the metal pipes down with any thought and removed all the old switches and wiring. In hindsight this was not a good idea and I’ll address this later.

Half the interior has been sanded, holes filled and one-two layers of white paint. Pictured below.


The otherside still needs a lot of work but has needed waaaay more filling of holes aswell as sorting out a mess of a window. Pictured Below.


Over all it’s going really well I have now owned the building 16 days and between my family and I have made some really good progress!

With the help of my children we have also recycled an old door that was in the building and have turned it into my shop counter. Shelves will be added later.


Thanks for Reading and supporting my soap Shop dream!

Please list questions in comments and I will try and answer them when I find time.

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  • orsum for you

    Suzanne Wairau on
  • Awesome progress Jess! Loving watching your dream unfold & become reality! You’ve worked hard for this. 😘

    Ngaire on
  • My parents owned that shop on the 80s! I’m glad to see it’s being put to good use :)

    Dion Smith on
  • #welldoneyou! It looks totally amazing! #dreaming #thesoapdreamer

    Lisa on

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