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I’d like to welcome Kylie of Cook Soap NZ to the Wash With Sweets Soap Shop! Your soaps are wonderful :)


Here’s a note written by Kylie:


I am a trained chef, many years ago I started a sustainable project in my professional kitchen where we made soap. The chefs and I loved the process. I loved the danger & never fully knowing what the design and how the colors would come out.I then went to the next level and tried more recipes and better designs. I began giving soaps as gifts and then getting feedback to improve them to a high standard, what they are today.

My soap name came about as I am a professional chef and I cook, and soap is a cooking process. I also wanted to let my international social media friends know I was in New Zealand so it became Cook Soap NZ.

My soaps are plastic reduced, palm free, hand cut so not perfect, I am not a machine.

Life is too short for plain soap!

Thanks Kylie.

Shop Kylies Soaps here: CookSoapNZ

Here’s a sneak peek of Kylies collection in store: 

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