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I have a lot of hopes and dreams for this blog area and am definitely excited to share them with you all! 

I thought I’d start by (re)introducting myself! 

My name is Jessica Morgan and I am the messy maker behind all the Wash With Sweets Soaps, Bath Bombs and other luxury bath products.

As a young child I grew up as a gypsy living in a house bus traveling around the north island of New Zealand and now I live in the country, Mohaka. My partner and I have 6 children between us (and as you can imagine they keep us very busy!)💚

I started my soapy journey because of the extra Breastmilk was producing, giving my spare milk to a soap maker in return for free soap. This paired with the gorgeous soap creators on Instagram is what inspired me to start making cold process soaps.

My soaps and whatever products I make will be made with love and pride. If I don’t like it, it either won’t be available to purchase or it will be heavily discounted with a description of why. 

Welcome along on my soap journey! If you have inspiration ideas, custom orders or any questions I’m open to be contacted. 

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